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What's New on Immunizing Women

Check this section for the latest updates and advisories on immunizations for adult and adolescent women, including pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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 ACOG recommends every woman receive a flu vaccination during pregnancy. Please read the recently updated Influenza vaccination during pregnancy Committee Opinion

"During the 2013–14 influenza season, influenza vaccination among pregnant women was 52.2%," read more in the CDC's September 19 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 

Flu vaccine during pregnancy Committee Opinion

52% of pregnant women received the flu shot last season

The Importance & Benefits of Flu Vaccine in Pregnancy 

Talk to your doctor about what immunizations you may need if you are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant. Immunizations are important in order to keep you and your baby healthy. Click here for additional information.


Talk to your patients about the importance of immunizations. Review the immunization schedules for any vaccinations they may need.

Talk to you doctor about your immunization history. Ask your doctor which immunizations you may need based on your age and lifestyle. Adults click here, adolescents click here

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