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<script language="javascript">var url = "http://www.text4baby.org/index.php/sign-up?url=" + document.location.href;document.write('<a target="_blank" href="'+ url +'">');</script><img src="http://www.text4baby.org/templates/beez_20/images/personal/T4B_banner_728x90.png" alt="text4baby" title="text4baby" border="0" height="90px" width="7What is text4baby? If you're pregnant or have a baby under one year, you can sign up for FREE text messages sent directly to your cell phone through text4baby. You'll receive three text messages each week, timed to your due date or baby's birthday. Messages start in pregnancy and go through your baby's first year. You'll get tips on prenatal and infant care, immunization, postpartum depression, nutirition, oral health, quitting smoking, safety and more.

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Last Updated: 9/21/2013

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